Facebook blocked me for three days!

Some of you may have already known this but Facebook blocked me this whole weekend. Apparently, I uploaded a video five years ago that infringes copyright. If I remember correctly, the video was from a dance class and it was most likely a Beyonce song.

Facebook blocked me for three days!

It wasn’t fun. I hated being Facebook blocked. I couldn’t send messages, engage on posts, or play Everwing. (Whew, I know. Priorities right?) So many updates and tagged photos went by and I couldn’t interact.

But I felt like I did deserve to be blocked for copyright infringement so I decided to be patient. It’s a bit sad though; suddenly Facebook isn’t a good platform for dancers to share their art. I wasn’t alone in this whole fiasco. In fact, some people had it worse. Imagine Facebook deactivating your account. That doesn’t sound good. (Now I’m wondering if I should be reviewing my videos to see if I have other risky uploads?)

However, I do believe Facebook could have at the very least given me the option of taking down the video myself rather than block me right away. It’s been five years since I uploaded the video,  I would have gladly taken it down had they asked me to.

Still it looks like I’m moving my video content to Youtube in the future. At least they notify me if I’m uploading anything I shouldn’t.

Have any of you encountered a similar situation?
What do you think of Facebook’s strict rules?

Feel free to leave a comment below to let me know about it!

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