Thoughts on NBC World of Dance The Duels Part 1

So I just finished watching NBC World of Dance The Duels Part 1 and I’m not exactly sure how this is going to pan out for the rest of the competition. In a format that’s a bit similar to The Voice, two competitors will go head to head to head with only one emerging as the victor moving on to the next round, The Cut.

NBC World of Dance The Duels Part 1

Judging these performances must have been hard. All the competitors are talented and passionate. It’s sad to see any of them gone but I’m glad that there’s always a community behind them going all out with their support.

Side note: I’m glad that Jenna Dewan-Tatum is finally given time to give comments and provide insight as their mentor.

Fik-Shun (90.7) vs Nick Daniels (87.7)

Fik-Shun is a strong competitor but I’m worried that his freestyling may only take him too far. I was worried for him because Nick really gave it all with calculated moves and technique. He’s got to up the wow factor if he wants to go head to head with Les Twins.

Swing Latino (91.7) vs Miami All Stars (88.3)

Not surprised the ballroom dancers are pitting themselves against each other. Both teams are Latin based so this is probably the closest you’re going to get to an Apples to Apples comparison. The tricks they showed were crazy and I don’t even know what to say about them.

I’m a bit sad to see Miami All Stars go with that routine. It was fun and the costumes were so adorable! One thing I like about watching this show is how the competitors are always supportive of each other. From watching backstage to cheering them on and then hugging each other after, it’s amazing!

Eva Igo (89) vs KynTay (82.7)

I’m surprised Eva Igo chose KynTay. I’m not entirely sure if she’s playing it safe but this girl is a powerhouse and I think she could have taken on the Mihacevich Sisters or Diana Pombo.

I think KynTay is overhyped though. They’re putting so much power on their moves that they lose their cleanliness and technique. And those facial expressions? Ugh. NOT. A. FAN. I don’t know why the judges are super into it. I felt like the facial expressions could have been on a competition of their own. Still, props to them because it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there online and on this competition.

Keone and Mari (91.3) vs Quick Style (89.3)

BEAUTIFUL. Just beautiful. Keone and Mari are more than just choreographers, they’re artists. Very good strategy on their part to focus on storytelling. It really sets them apart from the other competitors. Derek made a point, each step can be simple but when done with intention, it creates a whole new layer to the dance.

Quick Style deserves their name. I can’t even handle this match up. Can’t we keep both teams please? 🙁

I heard the Keone and Mari clip shown on TV wasn’t their full routine. Hoping to see the unedited one soon! It makes me wonder how many routines were cut for the show.

Can’t wait for next week!
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Thoughts on NBC World of Dance Week 2

As some of you may know NBC World of Dance premiered last week with some stand out performances! Now, after watching NBC World of Dance Week 2, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is going to be one hard competition to judge.

NBC World of Dance Week 2

Just a recap of what’s going to happen: The first three weeks will show the Qualifiers. A two minute routine will be performed and the judges will score them based on performance, technique, choreography, creativity, and presentation. Each category is worth 20 points and each performance requires a combined total score of 80 or higher to move on.

Here are my thoughts from this week’s competitors:

The Lab (Junior Division // Hip Hop)

The first thing I thought was, “aw, they’re so cute!” but when they started dancing I was surprised. I’m not a fan of the facial olympics some of them were doing but they went in hard! I love their costume choice too but I’m a bit worried that since they’re kids they tend to go TOO hard and the choreography loses the texture. Still, I’m glad they got in.

SCORE: 91.3

Fik-Shun (Upper Division // Freestyler)

Being one of SYTYCD’s winners, there’s so much expectation from Fik-Shun. Just like Les Twins, he decided to dig down emotionally for his qualifiers performance. It’s a smart choice. People already know he’s good, it’s more about delivering a show now.

Score: 91

Miami All Stars (Team Division // Latin Jazz)

I’m always excited to watch ballroom routines and I rarely get to see group ballroom performances. It’s so amazing to also see people dancing despite having a day job. Though, I agree with the judge’s comments. The routine could have definitely been better.


Luke and Jenalyn (Upper Division // Cabaret Ballroom)

Their lifts and tricks were crazy! I’m not entirely sure what “Cabaret Ballroom” is but I’m feeling it. It’s true that they could have put in more emotion and feeling into their steps but it was enough and I’m happy to see them through.

SCORE: 86.7

Unfortunately, the next three competitors’ routines weren’t shown for this episode. So I have no thoughts on what they performed.

Kaeli and Brandon (Junior Division)

SCORE: 77.7

Fuze (Team Division)

SCORE: 77.3

JJ and Joey (Junior Division)


Quick Style (Upper Division // Hip Hop)

Oh man, there’s a reason why they’re called Quick Style. What surprised me was how clean they were. It was definitely an unexpected song choice but it worked well for them and it displayed their creativity and control.

SCORE: 86.7

Nick Daniels (Upper Division // Contemporary)

The soloists are bringing it. They are owning the stage and commanding attention. Nick is SO flexible but I felt that although he was giving his all technically, there still needs to be more given emotionally. His face was just so serene that it lacked the inner turmoil needed for the dance. Still, I found him awesome!


NBC World of Dance Week 2 Recap:

Name Division Dance Style Judges’ Score
Ne-Yo Jennifer Derek AVE.
1 The Lab Junior Hip Hop 90 92 92 91.3
2 Fik-Shun Upper Freestyle Street Dancer 90 92 91 91
3 Miami All Stars Team Latin Jazz 79 82 82 81
4 Luke & Jenalyn Upper Cabaret Ballroom 83 89 88 86.7
5 Kaeli & Brandon Junior 77.7
6 Fuze Team 77.3
7 JJ & Joey Junior 77 78 79 78
8 Quick Style Upper Hip Hop 85 88 87 86.7
9 Nick Daniels Upper Contemporary 85 89 87 87