Thoughts on NBC World of Dance Week 3

We’re down to the last week of the qualifiers. NBC World of Dance Week 3 proved to be one of the most awaited episodes simply because of the JabbaWockeez.NBC World of Dance Week 3

The JabbaWockeez (Team Division // Hip Hop)

The first time I heard of the JabbaWockeez was in 2006. It takes me back to the time without Youtube and you really had to search the world wide web for solid dance videos. Seeing them perform again definitely takes me back. I think there’s a lot of expectation from them. and although it was entertaining, it felt safe. It was more groovy than precise which I think was a good choice, it would be hard to set them apart from the Kinjaz if they stuck to their isolations.

SCORE: 91.3

The Mihacevich Sisters (Junior Division // Contemporary)

Finally! Finally a contemporary dance where I saw more dancing than flexibility. I honestly thought they were triplets, if it weren’t for the shades of their costume I wouldn’t have known who was who.


Swing Latino (Team Division // Salsa)

I have never seen so many sparkles in my life. But these Latinos are on fire! They’re feisty and athletic, I love it.

SCORE: 89.3

Ian Eastwood and the Young Lions (Team Division // Urban Dance)

My heart jumped seeing Anthony Westlake more than Ian Eastwood. It was an okay routine. I’m not that thrilled with it though. Judges were right, it’s a good showcase routine but not a competition routine.

SCORE: 83.7

DNA (Upper Division // Waltz)

This couple surprised me. The way they swept the floor was so powerful. I’ve tried dancing the Waltz before and it’s not as easy as it looks. Maintaining the length of your limbs is a challenge. I can’t believe these two are married though! They seem young!


Eva Igo (Junior Division // Contemporary)

What are people feeding their kids nowadays? I mean, the junior division is definitely something to watch out for. Truth is I have nothing to say anymore because this competition is getting real. I can’t wait for next week!


Name Division Dance Style Ne-Yo Jennifer Derek TOTAL
JabbaWockeez Team Hip Hop 85 89 86 87
The Mihacevich Sisters Junior Contemporary 82 90 89 87
Boys of Temecula Junior Jazz 80.3
KynTay Junior Hip Hop / Jazz 85.7
Kyle Van Newkirk Upper Tap 80.7
Chapkis Dance Family Team Hip Hop 89
Pasion Upper Flamenco 87.7
The Posse Junior Contemporary 84
Swing Latino Team Salsa 87 91 90 89
Ian Eastwood and the Young Lions Team Urban Dance 81 84 86 84
Vibration Upper 78
801 Squad Junior 79
Trent Jeray Upper 77 82 79 79.3
DNA Upper Waltz 82 88 88 86
Eva Igo Junior Contemporary 85 89 90 88