Thoughts on NBC World of Dance The Duels Part 2

Can’t believe we’re already on week 5! NBC World of Dance The Duels Part 2 showed us that all of the competitors are worthy of their spot. They showed athleticism, grace, tenacity, technique and skill. As usual, it’s sad to see some of the acts go but we know it’s not the end for them.
NBC World of Dance The Duels Part 2

Diana Pombo (91.3) vs The Posse (86)

I’m not entirely sure what Diana Pombo’s strategy was when she picked The Posse. Although if I were her, I would avoid getting matched up with Eva Igo. I’m not sure she can match that intensity yet. The Posse shouldn’t have relied on their number though. After all, Diana went after Kinjaz and she still owned that stage. Nonetheless, I’m not surprised by the results for this one.

Sup3r Crew (89) vs Royal Flux (86.3)

The athleticism of Sup3r Crew is amazing. Smart choice for them to choose Royal Flux. They weren’t trying to say that their style was better, but I love that they brought it out there that bboying CAN elevate a performance to the level of contemporary dancers. In my personal encounters with Bboys, they are generally very protective of their style and their culture. They don’t just let anyone in so to see Sup3r Crew just invite this experience and learning from Royal Flux is truly admirable. Why is this also the first time I’ve seen Royal Flux? How many other competitors were cut out from the actual show? It would have been great to have seen everyone.

The Lab (89.7) vs Boys of Temecula (84.7)

I have a soft spot for The Boys of Temecula. They’re so childlike and fun to watch so I’m sad to see them go. It’s not that often we get to see an all boys jazz group though I don’t think they were as clean as they say though. Personally, I liked The Lab’s qualifiers routine better. It was more mature and showed their personality more. I agree with Ne-Yo, the concept may have taken away from the actual routine but it was okay.

Les Twins (92) vs Kyle Van Newkirk (86)

Before they were asked, I was curious about why Les Twins chose Kyle. Is it because Kyle is a world champion? Or are they taking a page from Sup3r Crew and showing different styles that they can be on the same level? I can see by the way they observed Kyle that they were really studying his movement. Nice idea to use house dance to mirror tap dancing. I loved what Kyle showed off in his performance though. He really utilized his prop and it was beautiful! It’s true, he really dances with his heart on his feet so I’m sad to see him go as well.

I love how the judges keep reiterating that just because one act doesn’t move on to the next round doesn’t mean that they’re losers. You win or you learn. They were judged on the routine that they showed at that time and not who they are overall as dancers. One more round of duels and it’s off to the cut!

Who are you rooting for?