Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato || Jojo Gomez Choreography

Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato || Jojo Gomez ChoreographySorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato


Filmed by Tim Milgram
Second Camera: Donovan Okimura
Dancers: Jojo Gomez, Serena Petruzello, Savana Petruzello, Haley Messick, Kaycee Rice

Jojo Gomez always goes hard when it comes to choreography and this was no exception. Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato is a fun, fresh, and fierce song which is just perfect for Jojo’s style! Each of the featured dancers gave their own flavor when they performed in groups and it just added to the fun of the dance.

I’ve been seeing a lot of Serena and Savana Petruzello in videos lately and they’re always so in sync, it’s crazy! Loved seeing them and Jojo in a pink motif too. Haley Messick is probably up there with Jojo when it comes to going hard, although sometimes I think she’s going a bit too hard. But then again, if I were dancing in front of Demi Lovato, you can bet I am going all out. I’m starting to become a fan of Kaycee Rice as well. This kid, oh this kid! She doesn’t overdo the facial expressions and she dances appropriately for her age despite what the choreography calls for. She strikes me as an overall sweet girl and I’m happy she’s getting more of these solos.

Of course, let’s talk about Demi Lovato’s appearance! If I stalked correctly, Jojo was contacted by Dani Vitale and the rest was history. The next thing I knew, Jojo and her dancers were on Good Morning America, Billboard Music Fest, and then the VMAs.

This is just a testament about how hard work pays off so, as a fellow dancer, I hope you don’t give up on your passion!